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February Documentation Updated

We have assisted over 30 individuals with navigating the name change process. We have also been able to award 14 scholarships to assist with court cost because of the generosity of our community. We still have funds available . If you have filled out an application and not been contacted

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Documentation Support Update

So far we have assisted 28 individuals in filling out their name change paperwork and awarded 6 scholarships to assist with paying for court fees. We still have funds available and want to support you!Please apply at or email us at

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What do you need that MTUG can provide?

Trans and Gender non-conforming Gender non-binary family, What do you need that MTUG can provide? We are working on a mixed support group to meet this Sunday for in person peer to peer support. We are working on a name change gender change clinic. The Transgender Memorial Garden – St.

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Streamlining and capacity building

In response to the overwhelming needs of the transgender and gender nonconforming community in St. Louis, the Metro Trans Umbrella Group has decided to devote the next six months investing in professional development and capacity building for our board so that we can effectively address these needs. During this time we

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