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State of the Umbrella Center

First, let it be said that everyone at MTUG very much appreciates all of the help and offers of help we’ve received since announcing the need for this project. It means a lot that so many of you have stepped up to help out. If you’ve already signed up for a committee, look to begin getting committee specific emails in the near future. We may be getting close to finalizing some aspects of the Center’s progress and will need your engagement and support! For those who would LIKE to volunteer, the committees are :

  • Fundraising
  • Property Search & Development
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Training
  • Programming
  • Communications
There’s something else to share with you: We want YOU to help determine the logo for the Umbrella Center. Just as we solicited from the community the greatest needs in order to determine priorities for the project, we also want community input on the icon that will symbolize the Umbrella Center and its mission. These logos were designed for us by the wonderful folks at Westminster Press, 3156 Cherokee, St. Louis, as part of their contribution to the effort. (To say thank you to Nicholas Curry & Tucker Pierce for the work, here’s the Facebook link to give them a “Like”! ) Please vote for the logo that you feel would best represent the intent and aspiration of the Umbrella Center for serving the community. Thank you and have a great February! Jaimie Hileman
Board President Metro Trans Umbrella Group
Project Coordinator Umbrella Center

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