Call to action: Effective immediately

A Letter from our IT Specialist and active MTUG Leader, Rebecca Skinner:

I want to talk about magic. Not pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or a coin from behind an ear, but real magic. True magic is the realization of intention, it's willful action, it’s a collective force powered by human spirit. Last night I saw magic. Last night I felt the electric current of a hundred souls gathered with intention and focus dedicated to claiming space. Last night I saw a hundred kindred spirits give power and intention to an idea and in that sacred moment amid cheers and clapping was the true birth of our future.

The umbrella center.

A sacred space, a space of intention, a space of intersection and learning and growth, a place to build and nurture communities and individuals. The umbrella center, a place of will and intention, a space for trans and queer people and our allies, a place for trans and queer people of color, a place to share and learn and to thrive.

Last night I had the great honor of sitting in front of you among pillars of our community, but in my heart I was there in the crowd with each of you- stirred to action as we talked about the racial injustices in our community, moved to tears as Eli shared so much of himself and what QTPOC had meant for him; I was humbled by the courage it took for a woman so rallied against to come to our table with a sincere apology and a desire to move forward with us. Last night I bore witness to the birth of our new community; while Sayer spoke the air electrified- I was with you, I felt all of you with me. Yes. We. Can. Do. This.

Last night I saw the birth of our future.

Like all children we cannot let this, our collective child, go quietly into the dark of night to emerge and aid us in our twilight. This child of our collective spirits must be nurtured. We need you. Each of you, parents of this new child, to help us to raise it. We need your time, your talent, your treasure- most of all we need your engagement.

So, here I am to ask you, as a mother of our collective child- as a member of our community, as someone who has felt your spirit rise with mine, do not let the promises of last night- the desire to help and engage- end with that meeting. Come to our table, be on committees, take action, engage, help us ensure the success of this collective intentional space.

Are you looking for Training?

We offer completely tailored Trans 101, 102, and 103 trainings. We have provided trainings for hundreds of folks in and around the St. Louis Metro area. Our trainings are Nationally Certified and all our Trainers are Transgender - ensuring the most accurate information and first hand knowledge is conveyed within all sessions.  We have taught Trans 101 to medical providers, social workers, nurses, teachers, corporate offices, parents and guardians, and many more.  If you, your group, or someone you know needs to be trained on the Transgender community in any capacity, please contact us.  We are happy to tailor our trainings to provide the appropriate information for your group.  Whether you need to learn how to create a more safe and inclusive environment for Trans folks, how to be respectful and supportive, how to be an ally, or just wanting a more basic grasp on what it means to be Trans, we are happy to provide that for you. Please contact us at for more information. 

We are The Metro Trans Umbrella Group

We are a grass-roots nonprofit organization that is diligently working to create a more inclusive and supportive community here in Saint Louis.  Every 29 hours, a trans person is murdered.  Help end the violence and bigotry by empowering our leaders and supporting our work.  Please click the button below to contribute financially.


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